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Guardian Online, December 2006

January 28, 2007 2:19 PM | | Comments (0)

We were pleasantly surprised to be mentioned in Guardian Online by Lucy Siegle in this article "Should I upgrade my television set?"

As prices for TVs and DVDs plummet, tempting us to buy yet more, the outlook is scary. By 2020 energy use for consumer electronics in the home will dwarf everything bar heating.

We need to make better choices. A modest LCD screen TV is the most energy-efficient and the backlash against ill-considered products high on features and low on useful function starts at the new Digital Wellbeing Lab (

Icon Magazine, Jan 2007

January 28, 2007 2:06 PM | | Comments (0)

London's new wave of Interaction designers

Alexander was interviewed by Daniel West from Icon on a special issue covering a new generation of interaction designers in London. Daniel has written a great article covering interaction design that is typically not covered in tech industry trade journals as much of the works covered here lie between the realm of art, technology, physical interaction design and craft.
Read the whole article here

One reason why this kind of work is becoming more widespread is that, in the age of the internet and open-source software, electronic technology has become cheaper, more readily available and easier to use. Technological developments used to be the preserve of large companies with their own research and development teams, but now smaller studios have access to it.

“In the Sixties and Seventies, feedback robots were so expensive only top-end manufacturers could produce them,” says Alexander Grunsteidl, founder of design and technology retailer Digital Wellbeing Labs. “In the Nineties, these tools stopped requiring programming languages or engineering knowledge. Now people are finally doing work where the expression is more important than the technology behind it.”

Sunday Times Style Guide, Nov 26 2006

November 27, 2006 7:59 PM | | Comments (0)

We have been chosen the stockists for the Nabaztag by the style editor, Fleur Britten from the Sunday Times Style Guide

Why did she select us?
We demonstrated to Fleur, how to set up the Nabaztag, showed her various uses of 'select' Nabaztag services as chosen by us that would fit well with her daily lifestyle. That's what we believe in... allowing our customers to have a play with working products/services at our showroom, understand their daily lifestyle needs and inspire them with possibilities they wouldn't have come across typically.
If they take up to the idea, we also show them how they can customise their Nabaztags, what others are doing with theirs...or even point to open-source widgets that they can download.

From the Times-

Teenage kicks
Stun them into silence with cool presents to impress their mates. Nabaztag rabbit, £80, a WiFi-enabled, internet-connected robotic rabbit, by Violet, from the Digital Wellbeing Showroom in The Shop at Bluebird.


We are in Cool Hunting Nov 2006

November 23, 2006 11:21 AM | | Comments (0)

Ami Kealoha, the managing editor of Cool Hunting visited us during the London Design Festival. She wrote a feature on into The Woods- whose private view launch is today at the Shop at Bluebird.

One of the highlights of the London Design Festival this year was the launch of Digital Wellbeing (DWB) , a retail space that curates a rotating collection of tech-based products based on a theme
Cool Hunting

Worldchanging- October 2006

November 22, 2006 12:59 AM | | Comments (0)

Digital Wellbeing and deglamourising choice
Excerpts from the article by Sarah Rich, Worldchanging-
She mentions how Digital Wellbeing is :

developing systems and infrastructure that can unsnarl the consumer paradox and take simplicity and sharing into trendsetting domain.

By putting -

...heavy emphasis on the relationship between user and object, and the streamlining of options to facilitate more authentic customer satisfaction while marketing less stuff.
Sarah Rich You can read the complete article here

Icon Magazine, Nov 2006

November 22, 2006 12:11 AM | | Comments (0)

Digital Wellbeing Labs

This shop-cum-digital showroom in The Shop At Bluebird contains appliances ranging from hard drives shaped as Lego to dinky MP3 players. Hi-tech couture and work from interaction designers are also on display, providing much needed respite from all the electronic gadgetry
London Design Festival 2006 - Marcus Fairs, Editor Icon Magazine


Dazed & Confused, Nov 2006

November 21, 2006 11:05 PM | | Comments (0)

Bytes 'n' bobs Digital Wellbeing Labs
We were interviewed by Henrietta Thompson for Dazed & Confused's Technology section in its November issue. You can read the full article here. (PDF) 1.3 MB

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