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Retail experiences reconsidered


Following up on Changing Retail Currencies in more detail with examples of great innovative retail concepts which have emerged in recent years to address contemporary retail requirements.

Changing customer behavior and heightened expectations are reshaping how we design retail experiences. The in-store and online e-commerce experiences now work together—successful store design leverages the strengths of the digital and physical retailer to create a “complete” retail experience that considers the entire sales cycle. This presentation investigates what design factors must be considered, and why it’s critical for designers to innovate the retail experience.

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  1. This was followed up by an interview with

    This was quite funny as having grown up in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, surrounded by Philips and being involved with light systems even since before I studied Industrial Design, I had to rethink the role of lighting systems, separated from the furniture object they often are and how these would be sold to households?

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