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Retail and the City


Historically cities emerged around centralised marketplaces on the intersection of supply infrastructures.
But as most transactions are shifting online and our perception of value changes, these infrastructures become obsolete. What will shape the city of the future? How will our buying choices, whether we buy from Amazon or we visit farmers markets impact the city of the future? …

This talk was presented on 6 December 2014 at TEDx London, City 2.0 and explores three urban scenarios based on existing technology trends and discusses what possible changes to the urban fabric we can anticipate from each one.

The One-Line City – A place where people live exclusively through online lives at home. All transactions take place online, physical meeting places and the high street have disappeared, there is limited requirement for mobility, augmented reality reduces the need for furniture and fashion; we are left with a city built along the connectors between hubs for distributing the few remaining physical goods.

The HyperLocal City – Where people live and thrive in their local communities which are enhanced through social and sensor based networked technologies. The city becomes a collection of neighbourhoods, booming in themselves, but isolated from each other.

The Aspirational City – A global network of city zones that are identical despite being geographically distant. Lifestyle and opinion, and the amplification of those via global social networks create environments of identically branded communities thriving on shared experiences.

The future city is up to you; the choices between your day to day online and offline transactions, not a master plan, will shape the cities to come.

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