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Digital Wellbeing Pilot-Showroom

bw-overviewThe Digital Wellbeing Showroom was the first of a new kind of retail environment for digital lifestyle products that DWB showcased at the London Design Festival in 2006. The Showroom had two collections – Black & White (the launch collection) & Into The Woods. Both collections had a selection of exclusive digital appliances that included software and internet services, alongside bespoke and customized products.

DWB collections aimed at reducing choice whilst injecting personality into each collection inspired by the way fashion collections work and how lifestyle print magazines are edited. The Showroom at The Shop at Bluebird, on King’s Road in Chelsea London, during its tenure of 4 months aimed to create an inspirational retail environment highlighting harmonious relationships between products. One of the objectives of the pilot was to understand the relationship between merchandise from large international brands, like Samsung, Philips and Nokia, combined with products by start-up and boutique industries (companies that produce less than 10,000 units) for example DIY Kyoto, Holland Elctro and Hulger, placed together with one-off and art pieces by Troika, Bless and Osmotronic.

Visitors could discover not just electronic appliances, but also furniture, accessories, fashion, books, music, games, online services and work from internationally acclaimed and locally sourced interaction designers and media artists. Through the DWB showroom the aim was to create a platform to encourage a greater understanding of interaction design, the interactive media arts and industry. Here are some samples from both collections.

Overview and review of the pilot showroom

DWB pilot collection sample of products

DWB pilot collection Black & White

DWB pilot collection “Into the Woods …” sample of products

DWB pilot collection “Into the Woods …”

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