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Changing Retail Currency


As part of the 10×10 series by Method, we contributed the article “Changing Retail Currency”. It’s a companion piece to The AppLounge.

“Changing Retail Currency” is about the new role of the store, and the opportunities this creates for retailers.

Take a read:

As e-commerce continues to shape the retail experience, new and exciting opportunities for retailers and customers are emerging. The transactional value of the storefront has a different currency than the value that online shopping offers. We are witnessing a transformation in business models for retailers, opening up possibilities for more fluid and convergent retail experiences.

The article is build around 4 insights from different market sectors that have witnessed commoditisation and margin pressure in the recent past, and highlights a few cases that adapted successfully to new customer experience requirements.

01 Think Like an Editor

02 Learn from the Fashion Industry

03 Embrace Hospitality in Your Brand

04 Own Your Community Network

Method has co-published this piece with Fast Company’s Co.Design.

Check it out online here:

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  1. This article had a great follow up on Virgin Australia’s In-flight Magazine, Virgin Blue Voyeur, May 2011, #118, Written after an interview by Shane Conroy

    and a nice comment around the issues of remuneration of staff when the value of a customer relation rather than the individual transactions becomes the driving force for high street presence.

    by Adrian Wakeham on

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