digital wellbeing labs

we tune technology to create harmony in your life


Digital Wellbeing Labs addresses the need for innovative consumer experiences, driven by the convergence of consumer electronics, digital services and new media.

We seeking partners to develop a range of digital lifestyle showrooms targeting different customer requirements. These showrooms have both high-street and online presence. They are places for companies to connect with customers and to demonstrate their digital products and services, across entertainment, edutainment and healthcare systems for the home. Not places, in the traditional retail sense, to perform actual purchase transactions, but social spaces to inform and engage with like-minded people.

These hybrid spaces are placed at the intersection of physical locations and the online cloud.

We offer our services on a consultancy basis to develop innovative user experiences for a wide range of integrated products and services.

interested to learn more, please contact info_AT_digitalwellbeinglabs_DOT_com